Going on a Dadventure!

My mum has an old saying that I’ve found myself referencing more often as I get older: “research is never wasted.” So upon finding out my wife was pregnant I embarked on a research binge. I searched for everything from what to expect throughout pregnancy to reviews of burp clothes, to top ten diapers and everything in between. However, what I found was that so many of the internet resources were targeted towards mums or parents in general and I had to really scrummage to find content that was specifically for dads and, ideally, written by other dads.

I wanted to hear from other dads what they found helpful or not, what they had learned or been surprised by. Unfortunately that content felt too scarce to me.

As the kiddo has gotten a bit older I continue to look for new resources and suddenly it dawned on me – why not document my own findings? If my trials and tribulations can even help one dad out there I’ll consider it worth it.

And so on that note…

I’m going on a Dadventure! Join me as I blog my way through balancing working from home, family, and personal responsibilities. We’ll struggle together as I try to find time for myself as well as time to bond with my kid and stay in shape!

As a Dadventurer I’ve come to understand that being a dad means constantly juggling a million different tasks. That is why I’m dedicated to providing practical and fun ideas for activities that the whole family can enjoy as well as helpful tips and tricks for making the most of your time and resources as a busy dad.

From hobbies and fitness tips to gear reviews and tasty recipes, I’ve got you covered. We’ll also share our favorite budget-friendly vacation ideas and weekend getaways for quality family time.

But Dadventures isn’t just about the kids! I also understand the importance of self-care for dads and will share my resources for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, including mindfulness and stress management techniques.

When it comes to your career I can help here as well! I’ve been working remotely for over 10 years and am a proud remote work advocate. I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks on not only how to land a remote first job but also how to succeed in a remote role and how to balance working from home with your parenting duties.

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