Lovevery Reviews: The Play Gym

Lovevery Reviews: The Play Gym

Lovevery is an American company producing play-kit subscription boxes for babies and children. The award-winning, Montessori-inspired toys and subscription boxes have really exploded in popularity and you can now find them in Target stores as well. However the products themselves are certainly not cheap so are they worth it? We will be doing a series of Lovevery Reviews as we make our way through their kits.

Lets take a closer look at one of the first Lovevery products you might consider, The Play Gym, and give it an honest review. As a dad, I’ve been on the lookout for products that not only keep my little one engaged while I’m working from home but also promote their development in a fun and interactive way. While The Lovevery Play Gym did not make my top 5 Nursery Essentials list, it has turned out to be a fantastic addition to our baby’s daily routine.

The Lovevery play gym with a baby laying upon it
A great place for baby to explore!

Quality and Durability – 5/5

Right out of the box, I was impressed by the quality of the Play Gym. It’s sturdy, well-constructed, and built to withstand the rigors of baby play. As a dad I always welcome a product that is easy to assemble with clear instructions and this was no exception. I appreciate that it’s made from sustainable materials, and it feels like it’s going to last for years to come should our family end up growing!

Developmental Features – 5/5

The Lovevery Play Gym isn’t just a place for your baby to lay down; it’s an entire developmental playground. The various play mats, toys, and activities are designed to support different stages of baby’s growth. From the high-contrast visuals for newborns to the learning cards that help with cognitive development, it’s a full package. I especially appreciated the guide that came with the Play Gym on how and when to utilize certain features and how they will contribute to baby’s development.

Ability to Clean – 5/5

Let’s face it; babies can be gross. So on that note I’m very grateful that the Lovevery Play Gym has been easy to clean. There will be spit up, throw up, and probably the odd blow out or two. The materials are machine washable, and any spills or accidents can be quickly wiped away. I haven’t found myself worrying how I’m going to get the Play Gym clean after a mishap.

Portability – 4/5

This Play Gym has been relatively easy for me to set up and take down, making it convenient for travel or moving it around the house. While it’s not as portable as some other baby products, it strikes a good balance between stability and flexibility. I haven’t had trouble at all relocating this from the home office to the nursery to the living room and even over to Grandma’s house.

Customer Support – 5/5

It’s worth noting that Lovevery’s customer support has been outstanding. They provide detailed information on how to use the Play Gym and promptly respond to any questions or concerns, which is reassuring for first-time parents like us. Thankfully I haven’t had to use it much but as a long time customer support professional, I can recognize some game!

Affordability – 4/5

While the Lovevery Play Gym isn’t the cheapest option on the market, its quality, developmental value, and versatility make it a sound investment for baby’s growth and entertainment. As a dad, I’d rather spend a bit more on something that will genuinely benefit our child’s development and that will last for a growing family. If you don’t want to spring for the cost of a new one I would keep an eye out on resale stores and Facebook marketplace as you can always snag a used Play Gym.

Lovevery Play Gym In Review

In summary, the Lovevery Play Gym has been a game-changer for our family. It’s not just a piece of baby gear; it’s a tool for early learning, sensory development, and interactive play. If you’re looking for a thoughtful, well-designed product that both you and your baby will love, I wholeheartedly recommend the Lovevery Play Gym. While there are cheaper options out there you could always look for a used version but at the end of the day this is your child’s development we’re talking about and I think this is well worth the investment – no regrets on our purchase!

Do you have any Lovevery products? Do you think they are worth the price?


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